Callan Suozzi-Rearic is an NYC based actor and fight choreographer originally from the wild green mountains of Vermont. Her first major role was as a Piranha who eats peanut butter sandwiches.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Skidmore with a B.S. in Theater and a minor in Religious Studies. Beyond this she has studied at the Barrow Group, Anthony Meindel Actor Workshop, Shakespeare & Co., and The Ken Schatz Studio. She has also studied on-camera with Jessica Blank and Canedy Knowles.

In addition to her acting work on stage and screen Callan is a fight choreographer and founding member of Dispatch Combat Collective and has apprenticed under Doug Seldin and taken SAFD courses with Neutral Chaos. 

When Callan isn't working as an actor or fight choreographer she loves going on adventures in the wilderness or wild streets of NYC with her beautiful Australian Shepard Finn, playing music on her violin, and running or doing yoga.

Photo by Jessica Osber

Photo by Jessica Osber